Art Initiatives


In order to raise awareness for global crises and unite multicultural communities, Alcansa creates opportunities to exhibit fine art and teach art classes.

Art exhibitions are established in areas affected by crises, such as the refugee crisis or social injustices, and offer an environment where people of different cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds can constructively contemplate works created in response to issues in their communities. These exhibitions can expose people to serious issues for the first time, or can give them a new perspective that prompts discussion and action.

In addition to exhibiting art, we offer art classes for local youth. These classes create opportunities for the students to engage their creativity, learn new artistic skills, and respond to challenges in their lives in a meaningful, tangible way.

Alcansa is a 501c3 nonprofit. In response to their experiences with our art initiatives, interested individuals can contribute financially to our organization and the critical work we do to care for refugees.