Get Involved

We are constantly looking for support through new partnerships with other organizations, financial support, donated items, or volunteers.

Get Involved With Refugee Relief in Turkey

Just $10 can feed a refugee family for a week. Each month we distribute aid packets to 6,000 refugee families in addition to providing language classes, basic first aid, job skill training, and secondhand clothing. This program continues to run because of regular donations from generous organizations and individuals. Get involved with refugee relief in Turkey by donating here.

Get Involved With Refugee Relief in Richmond, VA

Each week we host job skill training programs for refugees in Richmond, VA. We are always looking for volunteers to help provide transportation.

We also are in need of donations. It costs $1,050 each month to run our job skill training program. Donate here to support our work. We also accept donations of clothing or household items to distribute to refugees in the Richmond area.

A number of organizations currently partner with us  to facilitate one-time events or regular relief, and we are always looking for more partners in our community.

If you would like to partner with us or volunteer on a weekly basis please fill out this application.