Refugee Relief in Turkey

Refugee Relief in Turkey

Over 1.9 million refugees have made their way to Turkey in the last 2 years, fleeing atrocities of the situations in their homelands of Iraq and Syria.

Well over 50,000 of those men, women, and children have come to Turkey’s capital city of Ankara in search of a way to set up a new life.

However, with so many of those coming to the city not being allowed to work, many families have found great difficulty in providing for even the most basic needs like food and clothes.

We didn’t think that was right and we wanted to help.

So we created a way to fairly and effectively get food packages and resources to refugees within the city. Each refugee gives us their contact information, and we give them a card which links to their information in our database. Every week we collect packages of food and contact people from our list to come and receive their food, donated clothes, first-aid or additional ministry.

We are now in contact with over 5,500 refugees living in our city, and we’re registering more and more each week. We need your help to love the people of this city. The food packs we give out are $10USD each, which is enough to feed 3 people for about a week.

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